Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Montagne Jeunesse; Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque

I bought this mask completely randomly from Asda as a little treat. I rarely come back from any supermarket without at least one of the following; a cushion, a candle, make up or skin products. My husband thinks I have a serious addiction and should seek help. I think he should put up and shut up...if a little luxury keeps my little world in balance, what's the harm I ask? Ok, I'll admit, coming back with only these things and no food or milk for our baby is bordering on problematic, but enough about that :)...

...I decided to try this particular mask as I tend to favour masks that you can see. Now, what I mean by that is non transparent or clear. I like to be able to see a big gloopy mess working it's magic, this is probably why I love LUSH products so much. I saw this and thought, it doesn't really get more visual than 'black seaweed'. So into the trolley it went...along with a candle. Or two. Ok, three.

Now, I am definately no skin expert. If you are looking for specific advice about skincare and the whole jungle that is parabens and collagens and hyaluronic acids and blah blah blah stuff, head over and check out Caroline Hirons blog. I have recently discovered this lady and can honestly say...the woman knows her shit and her no-nonsense approach is excellent. What I am getting at is - I will try most things once, and I likes what I likes. I usually try to squeeze all of a mask onto the back of one hand before applying. The consistency of the mask was quite runny, which made it a little difficult to apply without getting it somewhere you don't want it - down your front, in the sink, on the floor. There is plenty to go around though so losing a little bit was no problem. In fact, I reckon you could get two uses out of the packet if you really wanted to. Thrifty endevours.
I managed to get it on, it looked like this...

It did not have a strong smell. Some may disagree but I didn't find it particularly overwhelming, and certainly not unpleasant. I am guilty of always leaving masks on for too long. I like to leave them on in the bath and remove them not long before I get out. On this particular occasion, it is perhaps because I left it on too long that I ended up unsatisfied with it. The mask never seemed to 'set' and was a little gluey, even after 40 minutes. I like my baths quite hot and maybe the steam affected the drying of the mask. I'm not sure. It felt quite nice whilst it was on, but to be honest, I forgot it was there. Some people might like that quality in a mask, but I am not one of them. I want to feel it's doing something, and unfortunately this one did not hit the mark. When I came to take it off, it didn't really peel off as the name would suggest it would. I had to scrape it of with an exfoliating pad and my bare hands and nails which I really didn't enjoy. Clawing at my face after a relaxing bath is not really desirable.

After I finally got it off, it actually left my skin quite soft, and not tight at all which some masks tend to do. It hadn't appeared to do anything miraculous to my face, but nor had it done anything negative. It left me looking like this...

Forgive my giant face! So in conclusion, this mask isn't the greatest thing I have ever slathered on my mug but it's not offensive. It came in at £1 so it didn't break the bank. I wouldn't buy it again but it did no harm to my skin. I just think it's not for me and I lean more towards clay masks or citrus type masks. Somebody else might love it though!

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have tried this and what you think. Or let me know any recommendations you think I might like.

Take care,
Katie x

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